Passion @ Large!

I instituted 20 Time in my classroom this year. I gave my students one day a week to work on anything they wanted as long as they were passionate about it. Here is a link to their blogs where they documented their journey. At the end of the year, they each needed to give an oral presentation focusing on what they had learned, not what they had accomplished.

One of the things I saw as my students worked on their projects and prepared for their talks was the value they found in their work. Students wanted to complete the projects because they meant so much to them, and they wanted to make sure they created the best talk possible.

I was very proud of everyone who stepped up to take ownership of a big project that would allow friends to share their thoughts at TEDxGrossePointeSouthHS.




For those interested in hosting their own TEDx event, check out the TEDx page to see which event fits your school or community.

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